Synth One named “#1 App” in Computer Music Magazine’s Top 100 Music Apps

Thanks to Computer Music Magazine for the December 2020 cover story on mobile music apps. They go into technologies like AUv3 and Inter-app Audio, and spotlight 100+ great music apps.

We’re excited to see so many of our developer friends in their “Top 100 Greatest Mobile Music Apps” feature. Plus there were several apps powered by the AudioKit open-source library, like SKIIID.

“AudioKit Synth One…the ultimate free iPad music instrument app”
Computer Music Magazine, December 2020 Issue

Most of all, we’re humbled to see AudioKit Synth One named the #1 Best Synth App. Thank you. It’s an honor to be featured among so many great developers.

AudioKit Synth One is available in the App Store:

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I have a couple of your apps. Synth1 was my first when it was first available. Got looper, audio tune, and another one or two.

Here’s my question. I’m an Old Goat and using your products ( and others also) is challenging. Having a step by step document as to how to use in particular Synthone and Looper would be great. Maybe they are out there and I haven’t looked hard enough to find them.

But if there is info you know of I’d love a link to them.

I play the acoustic guitar so I would love to figure out looper. Three years ago I bought a nice digital piano snd I believe it could be inputs into Synth1 with my IPad interface.

Anyway, anything you might recommend would be very helpful.

Thank you

Steve D. In Denver, Colorado

Hey Steve, we appreciate you! We have a big manual / guide to Synth One coming. It’s going to be a free iBook. Apple is reviewing it now.

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