SKIIID, built with AudioKit by Stephan Bolch/All The Machines

SKIIID is a new drum-synthesizer. It features 4 expressive pads and the possibility to morph between them. It was built by Stephan Bolch  (All The Machines) with AudioKit’s free and open-source code.

With SKIIID’s randomization feature, you can create unique effects and lo-fi drum-sounds quickly. It also includes a fun sequencer that has a nice synth feel that is “dirty and alive.”

SKIID Features:

  • Sub-Fm-Oscillator
  • Morphing SAUCE WAVE Oscillator (adds some additional SAUCE/MEAT to your drumsound)
  • Morphing NOISE Oscillator (adds dusty and crackly imperfections)
  • Velocity along the vertical axis of all drum-pads
  • Note pitch and fine-tuning
  • Amplitude and Pitch Envelopes
  • Ladder filter with highpass
  • Bitcrusher, distortion and resonator – effects
  • Randomization for single drum-pads and sequencer. Randomization can be switched on and off for all parameters.
  • Ableton Link Support
  • Drone Mode
  • Audiobus and IAA – Support

Great job, Stephan!

Get SKIIID now:

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