MicSwap MultiTrack Pro, Built with AudioKit

We’re happy to say that MicSwap MultiTrack Pro is proudly built with the AudioKit open-source framework. MicSwap MultiTrack Pro is a multitrack recording studio for music, podcasting, voiceover, filmmaking, karaoke and more. It allows you to record or import audio on separate tracks. And most importantly, swap microphones for different sounds on each track.

Developers Future Moments describe how they used AudioKit:

With the powerful code from AudioKit, we were able to build MicSwap MultiTrack, the only multitrack recorder and mic modeler App in the store. With AudioKit we were able to build an iOS and MacOS version. Swap mics, adjust volumes, add reverb and pan each track to create a mix with nice separation between instruments and a unique sound.  – Gary Levitt, Founder, Future Moments

MicSwap MultiTrack Pro Features:

• Record with different microphone emulations for different sounds
• Change the sound of pre-existing audio
• Adjust the gain (input) of any microphone
• Add reverb, change mics, pan or volume of each track
• Enable / disable live monitoring
• AudioCopy enabled
• Descriptions of each mic & studio (tap on each mic)
• Share your recordings anywhere

MicSwap MultiTrack Pro is available now in the App Store:

Great job by Gary and the team at Future-moments.com!

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