Audio Evolution Mobile brings Synth One engine to Android

We’re excited to let you know that Davy Wentzler from eXtream Software Development has ported the AudioKit Synth One engine to work on Android. It’s now included in his DAW, Audio Evolution Mobile Studio. The new port is called Evolution One, which we feel is a great name.

Davy used JUCE to make the android version, and reports all Synth One presets should work in his version (which includes some of your favorites to get you started). Plus, the new interface he built looks great. If you have an Android, check it out and let us know what you think!

Download in Google Play Store
Learn more and follow Davy’s work at

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Thank you for all your creativity ! Steve.

This looks like it might be the mobile soft synth that I’m looking for. I’ve got this silly idea to send a signal from my guitar into a boss GT-10 effects processor, then out to a synth on a mobile device. The GT-10 has a great mono tracking synth that can send midi data that has been converted from my guitar signal to an external device or computer. Any advice would be appreciated.

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