FM Player 2: Classic DX Evolution
iPad Instrument Inspired by Classic 80s FM Synthesizers

They say the DX7 is used on more hit songs than any other Synth. There’s a catch – almost all those records were in the 1980s.

Inspired by the DX7, FM Player was the first real iPad music app I released (nearly two years ago). It’s been a completely mind-blowing experience. By making it open-source, several people contributed to improve it. And the response from the musicians? Amazing.

It blew me away when Herbie Hancock played it in the Studio. It floored me when Grammy-winning producers used FM Player in sessions: producers for Drake, Jay-Z, Kendrick Lamar, and more are using FM Player. Songwriters for Alicia Keys are using FM Player. Studio musicians for John Legend are using FM Player.

More importantly, we received literally thousands (5,000+) of emails and reviews from exuberant and grateful musicians. Messages that read “This app filled my eyes with tears when I first played through the sounds. It brought back memories to my youth, I was transported to a time when anything and everything was possible.”

Wow. Who knew a a humble iPad musical instrument could bring so much joy to people?

FM Player 2 is a huge leap forward. To create it, I auditioned over 20,000 classic presets through an amazing DX7II unit from a famous studio in NYC. (This exact unit was rumored to have once been played by David Bowie). We used these sounds as a starting place to create something new. What results is something familiar. Yet, also new and beautiful. It’s all about sound. The tone. And, the feelings they evoke.

To celebrate the release, we’re giving out over 100,000+ free copies of FM Player 2.
All users of FM Player will receive FM Player 2 free of charge on Wednesday, Aug 7th.


      • AUv3 Plugin support
      • Vintage Arp & 16-Step Sequencer
      • 150+ New Presets. 3x Presets, less space.
      • Vintage Stereo Phaser Effect
      • 1+ Gigabyte of sounds, compressed to under 200mb!
      • Vintage Chorus, Flanger, Amp Simulator, and more
      • Dual layers per voice. Keyboard Splits. Morph between sounds.
      • Full ADSR Envelopes for each Layer
      • Tempo-sync controls & Ableton Link
      • Mono glide & legato modes
      • Space-saving Compression. Update saves 100mb+ storage!
      • 3 LFOs. LFOs can modify other LFOs..
      • Dual Independent Filters per layer
      • Hundreds of other upgrades and fixes!

“FM Player is dope! Sounds great, it’s in my bag for sessions”
– Henny tha Bizness, 4x Grammy-winning Producer

“These lovely presets sound authentically like the original hardware”
– Electronic Musician magazine

“Looks nice… Sounds FANTASTIC!”
– Ask.Audio

“FM Player proves the iPad can be a great sounding, viable synth.”

“The sound quality is incredible! Absolutely amazing!”
– IOSoundDesign, AudioBus Forum

“It sounds fantastic! So crisp and clean. I had a few 80/90’s flashbacks on some of those presets!”
– Eros, AudioBus Forum

Version 2 of the award-winning FM Player app – featured by Apple, and used by over a hundred thousand musicians worldwide – will be released on Wednesday, August 7th.

It will be Free for all FM Player 1 users. And, $7.99 for new users.
For a limited time, FM Player 2 will be available for only 99 cents until August 15th.

More information about FM Player:

FM Player in the App Store:

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Comments (4)

Thanks Matthew. Will the FM 2 Player deal apply to users of Synth One? Or must I have the FM player already?

Synth One users can get FM Player for only 99 cents for now

Hey thanks for the free update but I’m not getting any sound when using the auv3 in Cubasis or beatmaker ive opened the standalone in the background but no joy.. any suggestions?

Hey Tony, Are you using the iOS Beta (iPadOS / iOS 13). Support for AUv3 for the iOS beta is coming soon. You can also get in touch with us at [email protected]

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