MIDI Mod: LFO/MOD Module Control App – Built with AudioKit

“More modulation, more problems.” – Biggie Smalls?

Steve Connelly has created MIDI Mod for iPhone/iPad. Built with AudioKit, MIDI Mod is a set of modules designed to be used as modulation sources that send MIDI to various destinations including hardware and other apps (like AudioKit Synth One, in the video below).

Developer Steven Connelly shared his experience developing the app:

MIDI Mod is the MIDI-enabled counterpart to CV Mod, my other modulation app that relies heavily on AudioKit, which actually uses audio to generate waveforms. However, this time, there is absolutely no audio involved anywhere. So why would I use AudioKit? Well, AudioKit does a lot more than just audio. In fact, there is a whole set of APIs that are just dedicated to MIDI!

MIDI Mod uses AudioKit exclusively for the arpeggiator. An arpeggiator is really just a sequencer, so under the hood you have an instance of AKSequencer hooked up to an instance of AKMIDICallbackInstrument. Instead of sending note information directly to some MIDI destination, it sends that note info to the callback instrument. This reactive paradigm allows the developer to do whatever is needed with that note data when it is received. In this case, it is used to do the following:

✓ Send note on and note off messages to MIDI destinations
✓ Send CC or other types of MIDI commands to destinations (any mod slot in the Mod Matrix that uses Arp Gate On or Arp Gate Off as a mod source)
✓ Update the UI with a visual indicator of the note being played

Additionally, MIDI Mod uses an adaptation of AKKeyboardView for the on-screen keyboard.

Once again, AudioKit has been a joy to use and it solved so many problems for me. I was really struggling with the arpeggiator before I brought in AudioKit. I only wish I had done it sooner!

The fine folks in the AudioKit community even helped me with an issue I was having when the app was backgrounded. I provided a demo app on Github and then people started helping me troubleshoot it, even committing changes back to the demo project. It wasn’t too long before we discovered that it was totally my fault! But just think of how much time I could have wasted otherwise. Truly a wonderful community. I just hope that one day I’ll be smart enough to contribute something back.

Great job, Steve!

MIDI Mod comes pre-mapped for 50 different devices & apps!

Get MIDI Mod now:

Learn more and get the full future list at the MIDI Mod webpage.

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