CV Mod: LFO and Oscillator CV Module for iOS – Built with AudioKit

Those who control the voltage, control the future.

Steve Connelly has created CV Mod for iPhone/iPad. Built with AudioKit, CV Mod is a 2 LFO/VCO Oscillator Module that can be used with modular synth hardware (or other gear that supports CV). CV stands for “Control Voltage“. And, was a precursor to MIDI.

How does CV Mod work? Simply connect the headphone output of your iPhone or iPad to one or more CV or audio inputs on your hardware.

Developer Steven Connelly shared his experience working with AudioKit:

“In addition to sounding great straight out of the box, the AudioKit Framework is very intuitive and easy to use, yet very powerful and feature rich at the same time.”

“CV Mod actually started out as a little toy for sending out signal with varying intensity according to touch pressure, similar to aftertouch on a keyboard”, Steve said. “However, once I discovered the power of AudioKit, it quickly evolved and snowballed into the fully featured synth module that it is today.”

To get the most out of this module, use a stereo breakout cable to separate the left and right audio channels. Just like that, you now have 2 additional LFOs or full range oscillators added to your rig!

With two drawable wave table editors, you can create whatever crazy wave forms you like, unleashing a vast sea of possibilities.

“Adding MIDI capabilities with AKMIDI is an absolute breeze! I was able to get CV Mod out the door nearly 2 months ahead of schedule, AudioKit definitely deserves some credit for that.”

Steve continued, “The AudioKit documentation combined with a wealth of online resources makes it easy for anyone to get started. Fine grained control of the oscillators made it relatively easy for me to implement things like user defined wave tables, individual oscillator glide (portamento) and phase distortion modulation.”

Great job, Steve!

Get CV Mod now on iTunes:

Learn more and get the full future list at the CV Mod webpage.

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“Those who control the voltage, control the future.” Whose quote is this? Yours? It plays perfectly into my cyberpunk music world and I want to steal it/give proper attribution

Hey there! It’s a riff on George Orwell’s quote from 1984, “Those who control the past, control the future”. It’s my silly attempt to be funny. Feel free to use anything. 😀 Looking forward to hearing your cyberpunk music! 🤘

Those who control voltage do control the future… and the past. 🤯

Hi Steve, please make then this app for ios 10 !! I have 6x ipad mines1 to control the voltage how:)? With brute lfo app works, but is mono out just. Cannot not buy “mod CV”: THIS APPLICATION REQUIRES ios 11.00 or later!

How would you control cv with 6 ipad minies 1 with 12 cables to synths?

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