Human Cochlea Simulator, Built with AudioKit


Did you ever wonder how your Cochlea in your ear converts sound to energy? This new free educational app by Marek Porowski demonstrates how the human cochlea works. And, it’s built with AudioKit.

Your Cochlea is a small but complicated organ that converts mechanical energy of the sound waves into bioelectrical energy. Duh?!

How this app works: The input from the microphone is divided into several frequency ranges. The amplitude of given range is mapped to the region of 3D cochlea that is responsible for the process of converting energy. It is not 100% accurate and boundary frequencies may spread to several regions. In a Cochlea, pure tones excite not only one region but many.

From the Developer:

Designing the application I used Blender (to create 3D cochlea) and the AudioKit framework. I had a lot of fun creating this app and I hope you will like it. You will notice additional features of this app: randomly generated stars and many meteorites appearing when the amplitude is increasing. Have fun! — Marek

Congratulations on the App, Marek!

Download now on iTunes:

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