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expressionPad is a flexible, multi-touch, continuous-pitch MIDI controller with a built-in synth and sampler.  expressionPad’s continuous pitch control means you can smoothly slide from one pitch to the next as you drag from one note to the next — and this control extends to every individual touch on the surface — up to ten on an iPad.

Moreover, the actual key arrangement of the controller is highly configurable, including guitar tunings, piano keyboards, and a large selection of modes and scales.  expressionPad offers musicians a way to leverage their natural dexterity — consider texting on your phone, or a Nintendo controller — and apply that to musical expression.  With dozens of options, a flexible synthesizer, and CoreMIDI support, expressionPad is both a great way to find new musical ideas or control your external rigs.

“AudioKit made building expressionPad easy.  AudioKit streamlined the development of expressionPad’s audio engine so that I could focus on innovating and refining expressionPad’s interface.  I didn’t have to compromise on complexity or performance.  Whether it was AudioBus support, writing custom SysEX messages or expressionPad’s flexible, effects-laden additive synthesizer, AudioKit had me covered.”
— Charlie Deck, iOS Designer/Developer

Developer Charlie Deck created an amazing free iOS instrument. Download it now in the app store!


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Congratulations on the awesome app, Charlie!

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