Built with AudioKit: Casio-inspired SK-5 Toy Keyboard for iOS!

Want a vintage toy Casio keyboard on iOS? You’re in luck!

The talented developers at Fingerlab have created another fantastic new app with AudioKit. You may recognize Fingerlab as the creators of the Mellowsound app (also built with AudioKit)

SK-51 is an all-in-one keyboard inspired by the Casio keyboard line of the 80s, including the SK-1,  SK-5, and VL-1.  Those were delightful 8-bit lo-fi keyboards, with sampling features and onboard drum rhythm accompaniments.

SK-51 is available now and is a free download.

Fingerlab manager Aurélien Potier shared his experience using AudioKit:

“We have been working with audio processing on iOS for many years. The audio part has always been a nightmare for us (and for all iOS audio devs I should say). AudioKit has succeeded in making a simple & powerful audio framework for iOS and MacOS.”

Thanks Aurélien! We really appreciate your kind words.

Learn more about Fingerlab: Fingerlab.net

Download SK-51:

(BTW, If you’re in the mood for more free vintage keyboard sounds, check out AudioKit’s free toy keyboard sound pack. It’s full of free wave loops of toy keyboards you can use in your music and apps).

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