Built with AudioKit: Create New Musical Sequences with PolyPhase


PolyPhase is a new generative sequencer, proudly built with AudioKit by Marcos Kohler.

How does it work? Multiple melodies can be created from a master track (created dynamically by the app, or drawn in). Then several new tracks are generated from the master track – resulting in new creative possibilities. Thanks to the interplay of various probabilities, it’s never the same twice.

PolyPhase creates unique melodies and rhythms. Perfect for new creative options for your music.

Developer Marcos Kohler shared his motivation with us, “I wanted to create an inspirational tool that could generate interesting melodies and rhythms. While composing, I often get caught up in the details or let my muscle memory take over. PolyPhase was an attempt to break that cycle and embrace the happy accidents.”

Marcos explained his app creation process, “My initial plan was to make PolyPhase a MIDI sequencer only. Audio DSP in iOS was something I had always avoided. However, having a built in synthesizer greatly expands the usefulness of the app. It allows users to explore ideas immediately. ”

“AudioKit was extremely simple to work with” – Marcos Kohler

“Integrating AudioKit into my Objective-C project was straight forward. I made a few edits to the source in order to implement my wavetable synth, but everything else is made with the built-in components.”, Marcos remarked.

Marcos explained, “AudioKit also takes care of IAA functionality, and I used the team’s tutorial to integrate it with Audiobus.”

Create “Happy Accidents” with PolyPhase

PolyPhase Features:

  • 4 independent Sequencers with their own rate, direction, transposition & other properties
  • Disable the generation of notes to draw your own, or use some of the intelligent functions provided
  • Random Euclid & Drum Sequences
  • The Wavetable Synth + FX lets you use PolyPhase even if you don’t own any external Instruments
  • Filter notes to a Global Key / Scale and selectable Chord Masks
  • Save / Load Presets
  • Snapshots for install recall of your Sequences
  • Intelligently Randomize and Morph your Sequences & Synth sounds
  • Accepts external MIDI clock & can provide clock to other devices
  • Audiobus (Audio / State) & Inter-App Audio support
  • Sequence external hardware, other iOS synths, or use the included Wavetable Synthesizer!

Learn more about Marcos’ work here:

Download PolyPhase:

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