Mynth – The Freaky Synth for iOS & macOS: Built with AudioKit

Mynth is a new intuitive and powerful synthesizer by Fingerlab. Mynth allows you to draw oscillator waveforms, adjust frequencies using filters, and control any parameters with the LFOs to create unique sounds. Best of all, it’s created by Fingerlab and built with AudioKit!

This is one of several great apps that Fingerlab has built using AudioKit’s free open-source library
They’ve also created Playset, Mellowsound, and SK-51.

Mynth is a universal purchase. Meaning once you buy it, you get it for iPhone, iPad and Mac.


✔ 8-voice polyphony
✔ 6 octaves
✔ 3 Oscillators (Sine / Triangle / Square / Sawtooth / Custom)
✔ ADSR Envelope editor
✔ 2 dynamic Filters (Moog Ladder / Korg Low-Pass / Resonant / String Resonator) with ADSR envelope editor
✔ 4 LFOs to control any parameters, with configurable waveform and Attack/Decay envelope editor
✔ Create your own preset*
✔ 96 Factory presets*
✔ Build-in Arpeggiator*
✔ 3 FXs  (TubeAmp, Delay, reverb)*
✔ Live recording + export*
✔ Full Midi support
✔ AudioBus & IAA support
✔ AudioUnit support* (IAP required for LFOs)

Fingerlab manager Aurélien Potier shared his experience using AudioKit:

“We have been working with audio processing on iOS for many years. The audio part has always been a nightmare for us (and for all iOS audio devs I should say). AudioKit has succeeded in making a simple & powerful audio framework for iOS and MacOS.”

Thanks Aurélien! We really appreciate your kind words.

Mynth is available now, learn about it at

Download Mynth:

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