Built with AudioKit: Mellowsound App – Virtual Mellotron for iOS!

We’re proud to announce that the talented developers at Fingerlab have created a fantastic sounding new app with AudioKit. You may recognize Fingerlab as the creators of the wildly-popular DM1 Drum Machine for iOS.

Mellowsound is an emulation of the legendary Mellotron, a keyboard sampler invented in 1963. It was used by many famous artists including the Beatles, Bowie, Radiohead and more. The Mellotron may be best known as the sound behind The Beatles’ song, “Strawberry Fields Forever“.

Mellowsound is available now and is a free download.

It includes several free instruments to get you started including Flute, Clarinet and Sax.

Fingerlab manager Aurélien Potier shared his experience using AudioKit:

“We have been working with audio processing on iOS for many years. The audio part has always been a nightmare for us (and for all iOS audio devs I should say). AudioKit has succeeded in making a simple & powerful audio framework for iOS and MacOS.”

Thanks Aurélien! We really appreciate your kind words.

Learn more about Fingerlab: Fingerlab.net
Download Mellowsound:

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How would one donate beyond buying these awesome apps?

Hey Roger, you’re very kind! We’d hope that people will donate by spreading the word about AudioKit Synth One. We also have a paypal to support the project here: https://www.paypal.me/audiokit 🙏

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