Built with AudioKit: Playset by Fingerlab

Playset is a fun drum, bass, and synth sequencer. It’s designed for instant music creation and play.
It’s created by Fingerlab and built with AudioKit!

With Playset, you can quickly create a drum beat. You can add a bass line to your beat, then dress it with a catchy lead. Boom! You’ve got yourself a song.

Thanks to AudioKit, Playset is loaded with advanced audio features. It supports MIDI, Audiobus, Ableton Link, and is also available as an Audio Unit (AUv3) plug-in.


✔ Multi-touch sequencer (adjustable between 1 and 32 steps, double tap to create triolet)
✔ 50 original sample kits (Rap, Trap, EDM, Electro, Dance…)
✔ Mixing desk (mute, level, pitch, length, pan controls and full custom kit per track)
✔ 2 FX module per instrument (reverb, delay, distortion, chorus, compressor, vibrato, tremolo, flanger, lowpass…)
✔ Patterns & Timeline module
✔ Extra-fast bounce (master/separated tracks, mono/stereo, patterns/song, .wav)
✔ Share & import your projects (.pls)
✔ Embedded Gallery with demo songs
✔ Audiobus support
✔ Ableton Link support
✔ MIDI support
✔ Audio Unit support (instrument)
✔ Audio background mode

Fingerlab manager Aurélien Potier shared his experience using AudioKit:

“We have been working with audio processing on iOS for many years. The audio part has always been a nightmare for us (and for all iOS audio devs I should say). AudioKit has succeeded in making a simple & powerful audio framework for iOS and MacOS.”

Thanks Aurélien! We really appreciate your kind words.

Playset is available now, learn about it at playsetmusic.com

Download Playset:

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