New AudioKit app: “Hey Metronome”


Today we’re super happy and excited to be releasing our latest app, “Hey Metronome!” Its a voice controlled metronome and it’s available on the App Store for a limited time introductory price of 99 cents!

With Hey Metronome, you can practice to a click and make adjustments completely hands free. You can set the tempo, time signature, sounds, and more, just by say “Hey Metronome” and then giving it a command. For example you can say “Hey metronome, set tempo to 140” or “Hey Metronome 4/4 time”,  but you can also do “Hey Metronome, random adagio tempo” to give yourself a tempo within a certain range.

What this allows you to do is keep your hands on your musical instrument instead of fiddling around tapping on your device.  The metronome does not even have to be visible for your to use it. You can wear earbuds, put your phone in your pocket, and still be able to practice, distraction free.

Hey Metronome is a culmination of a year of development and a partnership with KeenASR Research (for the speech recognition). But, its far from being done! We have a road map going forward, but we’re also going to be very responsive to user suggestions. Plus, the metronome will be the basis for a tutorial on how to build a metronome with AudioKit, so we’ll be open sourcing the code (minus the speech recognition stuff which is proprietary.)

So, come join us on this adventure and grab Hey Metronome on the App Store today

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Got hey metronome. Liking it but not understanding why the metronome goes quiet for a few measures before kicking in again.

Very difficult to do drills that may last many minutes. It’s not obvious to me how to defeat that end-of-song silence when you don’t want it.

Am I missing something?
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I could only guess that maybe you’re referring to the “ducking” that happens when the metronome is playing and it hears you say “hey metronome”. Is there a singer on your songs that the metronome could be hearing? I’ll also reply privately.

I’ve already brought Hey Metronome. Where is the link for me to download the source code?

The tutorial will include source code, but it is not ready yet. Everything in the metronome aside from the voice recognition comes from

Hello, I bought it on day one all because the open source code, would you please tell me when and where i can download it?

Hi there, we’re currently upgrading it to use AudioKit 5 and it will be the canonical example and tutorial for AudioKit 5. Timeframe is more dependent on other aspects of AK5 than the metronome itself but we’re working on it as hard as we can.

How i can change the name of a Song?

Delete a song by swiping on it. Rename a song by going to that song, hitting the plus icon and creating a song with the new name there. Then delete the song with the old name.

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