Announcing Version 1.2!


Sensible Defaults

Since Version 1.1, we’ve been hard at work making AudioKit more user-friendly. We’ve now implemented sensible defaults for most operations. Sensible defaults give you the option to create an instance of an AudioKit object already initialized with parameter values that will let you hear a sound right away…you don’t have to worry about defining all the values of the parameters in the initialization function!

Rate Agnosticism

Going hand-in-hand with sensible defaults is a feature we call rate-agnosticism. This means that you do not have to worry about what kind of parameters can be used in operations. Almost any parameter you use will be either upsampled or downsampled so that the operation will just work.

Operations Tests

We’ve also included tests for most operations. When you run these tests, you’ll immediately hear a quick example showing what each operation is capable of doing.

Updated Examples

The examples are now updated to use sensible defaults, as well now having cleaner user-interfaces across all devices and orientations through the use of adaptive-layout.

And more!

We’ve been paying close attention to our users in the AudioKit User’s Group Forum, implementing requests such as AudioKit’s new support for the MP3 file format. And finally (and most exciting), this is the first version of AudioKit that includes pull requests from non-core team members! Keep ’em coming!

Happy programming!

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