Happy New Year Everyone!

Just wanted to take this opportunity to give everyone a sneak peek into what’s happening with AudioKit and what our plans are for the new year.

In the first half of January we’ll be releasing AudioKit version 1.2. This release continues with the trend of adding sensible defaults and tests for every operation as well as improving the example projects.

After that we’re hoping to be concentrating on projects that highlight AudioKit. These projects will cover a variety of use cases and of course the code will be open sourced and we’ll try to write tutorials from the experience as well.

Of course along the way AudioKit will evolve and we already have ideas for what V1.3 will bring. Thanks to feedback from people on Twitter and Google we have our eyes towards building an Android version and integrating with inter-app audio technologies such as Audiobus and VST/AU Plugins.

Most of all, we definitely want the theme of 2015 to be creativity and fun. Being able to create and manipulate audio quickly using AudioKit should allow us to concentrate on other parts of the app to create really compelling interactive audio experiences.

Finally, any app created using AudioKit will be considered “one of our own” meaning that we will help you work through issues and highlight/promote all apps on AudioKit.io and through our social media outlets.

So, here’s to an exciting new year, glad to have you on board.

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