Announcing Version 1.1!

What we’ve been up to

It’s been about a month since we first released AudioKit, and we’ve been busy the entire time. AudioKit was featured on HackerNews and showcased on GitHub, leading to over 570 Stargazers, 51 forks, and 34 watchers.

We competed in the first ever AppleWatch Hackathon; winning the award for best design. The judges stated the award was given not only for graphic design, but overall design which includes sound design and application design. We plan on having source code and a tutorial up for you all soon.

Version 1.1!

But the biggest news we have is that version 1.1 is now released! A lot of progress was made in ensuring that not only do the Mac examples work out-of-the-box, but also, now when you create your applications, they will work without requiring an installer. We’ve writt ure your application to use AudioKit.

Sensible Defaults and Tests

We’ve also made improvements to every Physical Model operation, as well beginning the process of what we call Sensible Defaults. Previously, when you created an instance of an object, you had to define all the values of the parameters in the initialization function. Sensible Defaults give you the option to create an instance of an AudioKit object already initalized with parameter values that will let you hear a sound right away.

We’ve also open-sourced the internal tests we’ve been making to generate sensible defaults. So far, we have tests and sensible defaults for 23 operations. As we generate more tests, we’ll add them to the repository.


We have a new object too, AKPhrase. An AKPhrase is a simpler version of AKSequence that only contains notes and start times. This allows you create musical events easily when you don’t need to harness the full power of AKSequence.

File templates

Additionally, we’ve made some Xcode file templates so you can get started with your project faster. There are templates for a Conductor, an Instrument, and a Processor; in both Objective-C and Swift.

AudioKit Forum

Finally, we’ve set up a Google group for AudioKit users. Feel free to post if you have any questions or need some help with anything!

Happy programming!

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