Synth One Manual / Book is Here!

Plus, a Free Companion Bank of Presets by Francis Preve

EXCITING NEWS: More than just an instruction manual, Synth One: The Ultimate Guide is a complete introduction to the basics of synthesizers and analog synthesis. Combining this book with the open source AudioKit Synth One, The Ultimate Guide explains everything from how filters and oscillators work to the details of the harmonic series and microtonal music.

Written by Francis Preve one of the world’s leading sound designers, he’s crafted the factory content for legendary companies like Ableton, Roland, Sequential, Xfer, and Korg since 2004.

Additionally, AudioKit Synth One now includes a set of patches specifically designed by Francis himself for the lessons in this book. (Look for the “Synth Tutorials” bank in Synth One). Whether you’re getting started in electronic production or just want to learn how synthesizers work, this free reference guide explains everything about Synth One in plain, clear English.

The iBook and companion preset bank are completely free. And available to download here:

It’s a free iBook that can be read on your iPhone, iPad, and Mac!

Need a PDF version?
📖 Download the book as PDF here

⬇ PDF Zipped up (Download Zip file)

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What an incredible and much hoped for addition to this monumental project. Automatic download! Thank you so much.

Gift horse, and all… but is this possible to get somewhere OTHER than the iBooks store? Apart from the fact that I don’t really fancy the iBooks store, I want to look at the book on a device that isn’t running SynthOne…

That’s a great question. We’ll look into other formats!

We’ve made it available as a PDF now. Link at bottom of blog post 🙂

The PDF won’t open; it is damaged and cannot be repaired according to Acrobat Pro.

Hi Todd, wonder if the PDF didn’t download properly? I’ve added a zipped (zip) version that may help

Wow! Thank you!!

Thank you, Francis Preve and the whole AudioKit team!

Hi, it is a wonderful project a powerful synth app,
but how can I connect a controller/keyboard like mpk mini into garageband+synth one? which cable? bluetooth MIDI doesnot work.
thanks a lot.

Is it possible to control the Note Range on Synth One? I’ve been trying for days and read the manual and searched online but still no answers. In AUM I’m able to do it with AUV3s but not with Inter-Audio. Is there a work around? THANKS!

I can’t wait to dive in! Thank you all for this!

Great app guys ,lots of fun with it !
But I have a question, it’s possible to send or receive Midi clock in or out the app via a midi controller ?I would love to sync it up to my hardware for extra fun !

Great book to accompany the synth.

I’m trying it with a new MIDI Wind Controller, looking for a preset that fits best for that.
I’m thinking less pre-made amplitude envelope, and more driven by the expression CC’s (2 or 11).

I’d welcome any guidance on which presets work well for wind controllers, or some guiding principal on how to get the mode from a wind controller with an Audiokit synth.

Thanks for this!

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