Henny tha Bizness & Kennard Garrett on Music Production PODcast

Platinum-selling producers Henny tha Bizness & Kennard Garrett share how they make iOS music apps with AudioKit (like HOUSE: Mark I), inspire and educate the next generation of music tech students, and produce hit records on the latest episode of the “Music Production PODcast”.

“Henny Tha Bizness and Kennard Garrett are both accomplished musicians, producers, songwriters, and educators. They’ve worked with artists such as Drake, Sting, Shaggy, Lil Wayne, and Jay Z.

Henny and Kennard shared their story in the music industry and working together. They discuss how they used the creation of House Mark I to give their students a real, hands-on education while helping to fund Morehouse College’s Ray Charles Center for the Performance Arts….

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