Add this awesome Music Player to your apps, built with AudioKit


Pandora Player is a lightweight music player for iOS, based on AudioKit and completely written in Swift, constructed to be fast, light and have a nice design. It’s the #1 trending Swift repo on Github today.


  • Plays iPod music / bundle music
  • Real-time two-channel visual equalizer
  • Standard controls
  • Simple API
  • Simple & intuitive design


CocoaPods – Add the following line in your Podfile:


Thanks for the great open-source project, Applikey!

You can learn more about the creators at Applikey Solutions.

Pandora Player is now on Github and MIT open-source:

Comments (2)

Thanks for your wonderful work with the world.
Am getting the below error when I run the application in Xcode 9.3.
“Module compiled with Swift 4.0.2 cannot be imported in Swift 4.1”
Can you please help me with this ?

Hi Leo- While I haven’t looked recently at how they’re adding AudioKit, it sounds like you’re getting an old version. Try running “pod repo update” and/or “pod install” at the command line to update AudioKit to version 4.2. Version 4.2 supports Swift 4.1

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