Graviphone, Built with AudioKit

Screen Shot

Graviphone is an iPhone app built with AudioKit that allows you to play music using GRAVITY!

With Graviphone, you can:

・Make funny noise to annoy your friends. (Not really recommended)
・Mimic bird chirps, whistle or other funny sounds.
・Practice, master it and play music! (Highly recommended)

“Without AudioKit I would never be able to make it happen, thank you so much for this super awesome framework!” — Yeung

How to play?

・Touch the big G button to control the on/off of the sound.
・Tilt your device to adjust the pitch. Now you are playing Graviphone!
・Go to the settings, there are a lot to play with, try them out yourself!

Congratulations on the app, Yeung Ka Ho!

Graviphone is available now and free:

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