Singo: Free iOS Singing Tutor App – Built with AudioKit

Want to improve your singing?

For free? With your iPhone?

Bartlomiej Woronin has built a new app with AudioKit called Singo. This singing tutor app compares the frequency of your voice with a target and then visualizes the difference. The app can provide you with an overall score of your singing skill. Or in my case, my lack of singing skill. 😉

Singo is an educational app with a good heart. According to the developer, any money earned from this app will be given to needy kids who’s parents can’t support their music passion. (Learn more at the website).

“Big thank you to the AudioKit Team for creating fantastic stuff! Thank you guys!” –Bartlomiej Woronin, Developer

Bartlomiej built this app to connect his two passions: programming and music. Bartlomiej is both a software developer and violinist. Sometimes artists make the best developers.

You can check out his app for free, now:

Get Singo now on iTunes:

Learn more at the Singo webpage.

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