Harmony Helper, Singing Education App: Built with AudioKit!


With Harmony Helper, you can master harmonies on your own while receiving real-time feedback on critical factors like pitch, vibrato, tempo, and amplitude. Built with AudioKit, the app will allow you to practice your part without anyone else in the room. After using this app, you’ll be filled with confidence when you walk into your next rehearsal.

“AudioKit helped us to quickly implement the nuts and bolts of recording audio data on iOS, and let us focus on making a great app. Features like easily using switching between desktop and device mics in development were very helpful for making development quick and easy.” — Michael Holroyd, iOS Developer

Harmony Helper is the educational music app that makes learning harmonies fun.

Visit the official Harmony Helper website for more information:

Download the app FREE in the app store:

Keep up the great work, Harmony Helper!

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