AudioKit Rack Reverb: AUv3 Open-Source Reverb Released

AUDIOKIT RACK REVERB is a simple reverb plugin for your iOS device. It’s easy-to-use and only has three knobs. But it sounds great!

This app is an Audio Unit effect. And requires an iOS host or DAW to use.  Please see the quick 2 min tutorial above to see how to use an AUv3 FX in Cubasis, GarageBand, and AUM.

The reverb code in this app is completely free and open-source. You can use this reverb in your own iOS & Mac apps. Learn more about the reverb code here. And, explore Audiokit here.

Big thanks to Sean Costello, the wizard behind the massive-sounding Valhalla reverbs. He generously donated this reverb algorithm to open-source. (This app has no relation to Valhalla DSP, but we’re all appreciative of people like Sean that support open-source).

Rack Reverb is a Free download in the app store now:

Official Rack Reverb Webpage Here

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