Built with AudioKit: Mapping Tonal Harmony Pro, Tessitura Pro, and See Music

We’re proud to announce that mDecks Music Apps use AudioKit in Mapping Tonal Harmony Pro, Tessitura Pro, and See Music. Their excellent apps play their own sampled sounds, create and play MIDI sequences. Plus, the user is able to mix volume levels, reverb amount and change the tempo LIVE while the sequence is playing.

Mapping Tonal Harmony Pro is an app with an interactive map that reveals the secrets of harmony. You can study harmony in different styles from Classical to Jazz and Pop, write your own songs and create charts or use it as a ply along to practice improvisation.


Tessitura Pro contains all scales & modes in music. You can study how modes relate to each other, source scales, tensions vs. chord-tones and also practice using different melodic patterns and approach notes.

See Music is a sight reading app that listens to the player and gives instant note-by-note feedback on their performance, we were able to, not only identify pitch, but also to transcribe the entire performance into standard music notation and include a pitch accuracy report on every note in the score.

Great job, mDecks Music Apps!

Plus, checkout Ariel’s Tips for Improving Pitch Detection using AudioKit.

Learn more about all of the mDecks Music Apps at mDecks.com.

You can follow Ariel on Twitter at: @mDecksMusic

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The App should display any chords currently audible on the laptop

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