Lo-Fi Tape: AUv3 & iPad App, Built with AudioKit

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Weston Fletcher has released Lo-Fi Tape, a cool iPad music app using the free & open-source AUv3 example code created by AudioKit core-team members Jeff Cooper & Matthew Fecher.

Weston says the sounds are from “mostly tape-warped Strings / Organ / Piano / E-Piano / Bells + misc other sounds from 80s era synths (DX100, CZ 101, etc) and some acoustic instruments. There are SK-1 style samples as well from various sources”.

100 +  Factory Presets
Notes Recorded via Marantz PMD430 + Sony TC-900A
MIDI compatible + MIDI Learn functionality
( 4 ) Effects Sections: Reverb / Filter / Flanger / Chorus

Additional Features:

  • Preset Browser
  • Peak Limiter
  • Mono Switch
  • Note Hold
  • Bluetooth MIDI
  • AUv3

Great job, WESTON!

Download Lo-Fi Tape:

Available for iPad Standalone & AUv3 + Apple Silicon Macs

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