Make Music with Motion with Kazu: Built with AudioKit


Developer Peter Spry has released a new app called Kazu that lets you conjure music out of thin air.

By moving in front of an iPhone or iPad camera, you can play air guitar, piano scales, guitar chords, or even a cymbal crash.

“Imagine if Dance-Dance-Revolution and GarageBand had a baby,” says indie developer, Peter Spry, “that’s Kazu!”


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Peter’s idea for Kazu began at a dinnertime conversation about unusual musical instruments. Peter’s children hadn’t yet heard of the classic Theremin instrument you can play without touching.

Kazu uses Color Tracking to follow movements. Allowing you to play in the air with gloves, colored mallets, rings, or any other gear you think up.

“Recalling my past attempts to learn guitar and trying to get the fingering right to avoid touching the wrong strings, my aim with Kazu was to let you pick only the notes you needed to play a song,” Peter explained.

“Then, arrange those notes in a way that lowered your chances of hitting the wrong one. The result is a completely malleable keyboard that can sound like any of dozens of instruments and be shaped to fit the way you move.”

Great job, Peter!

Kazu is available now as a free download:

Learn more about Kazu at:

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Can we expect an MPE update to Synth One soon? If so, any dates? Thanks.

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