Fractured Art Installation, Built with AudioKit


Fractured is a multi-sensory installation by composer Omar Peracha and artist Ashleigh May Thompson, created during the Brocket Gallery 2017 August Residency in London.

Artist/Developer Omar Peracha sent us this note..

I used AudioKit to build software that formed part of an interactive audio/visual art installation I did in collaboration with a painter, Ashleigh Thompson. It was exhibited in London for some time in August, and will be exhibited again in October too, hopefully with more to come.

Fractured plays an infinite, never repeating soundscape derived from the artworks, procedurally generating it in real time, making its own choices about what to play and when.

Visitors were able to interact with it by adding subtle effects and gestures, creating a personal experience.

Congratulations on the Installation!

Learn more at his website:

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