BINAUR Meditation App, Built with AudioKit

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BINAUR is a free binaural beats based meditation app by Francisco Rafart that lets you join and create collective sessions. This allows you to simultaneously meditate with other people sharing the same binaural beats.

The app also features individual sessions. If you’re wondering what binaural beats are, these are audio signals that stimulate brainwaves. They’re useful to induce sleep, relaxation, focus or meditative states.

  • Set your session duration and the type of stimulation
  • Select the background music
  • Share and join meditation sessions with the world

The project is an initial phase and we need people to try it out and give feedback. We’re working to have it available soon as a web app, so more people can use it. — BINAUR developers

Congratulations on the App, Francisco!

Download now on iTunes:

Learn more at his website:

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