Zario, A Cool Lead Synth App Built with AudioKit!


Built with AudioKit, Zario turns your iPhone into a touch-sensitive lead synthesizer. The pitch is accurate to the pixel. This allows for great vibrato and slide effects that are entirely responsive to a user’s performance.

Developer Ricardo Nazario did a great job. Zario is intuitive. The interface is simple and focused. And, loads of fun. It really lends itself well to playing leads. While it is a standalone app, it can interact with other audio apps through Audiobus.

“AudioKit’s depth and intuitive design allowed me to focus on the UI and procedural logic for Zario without worrying about managing low-level code. AudioKit is a priceless tool for people who have music app ideas they want to put out in the world.”
— Ricardo Nazario, iOS Developer

Check out Ricardo’s app in action in the video below. Looks and sounds amazing!


You can visit the official Zario website:

Visit Ricardo’s website:

Congratulations on the awesome app, Ricardo!

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