Touch for Virus, Virus TI editor & Librarian – Built with AudioKit


Touch for Virus is a patch editor and librarian for Virus TI synthesizers for iPad.

Maarten Lierop created the app with AudioKit & Swift. Maarten explained, “I needed such an app myself. But a patch editor or librarian for Virus TI wasn’t available in the app store. At some point I decided to try to build it myself.”

Maarten had some developer experience as HTML frontend developer, and he discovered learning Swift was do-able. Though, learning MIDI programming was a bit challenging at first. Then, Maarten discovered AudioKit.

“Without Audiokit there’s no way I could have achieved it” — Maarten, Developer of Touch for Virus

He was able to build his app with AudioKit, using the midi stuff and interface elements. He even managed to deal with MIDI patch dumps coming from the Virus TI synth. His app can now “read” those dumps, enabling users to copy patches from the synth to my app and edit them.

Maarten added some nice “new” features like a modular kind of patch building. He grouped the roughly 350 patch parameters into 7 modules (oscillators, filters, modulators, controls, arpeggiator, effects, ambiance) . Each module has its own presets, which you can use to build new patches in just seconds.

Great job, Maarten!

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