Chinese college students built this Cool App with AudioKit. Make music while you run


An enterprising team of students at Zhejiang University in China have been creating AI powered music apps with AudioKit. They were even able to attend this year’s WWDC developer conference as scholarship winners.

Their new app, StepBeats is a fun way to listen to music while you run or jog.

“We love the idea that everybody can create music by running. We use AudioKit to build our midi engine to play music on iPhones.”
– StepBeats developers

Their team’s goal is to change the interaction behavior between music and human. They believe with the breakthrough of AI, Auto Music Composing can change the way we create music.

Congrats on creating this app. Great job!

StepBeats is now available as a free download in the App Store:

Learn more at the StepBeats website.

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