ReMix by Remidi: Built with AudioKit!

Remidi ReMix is an awesome app built by AudioKit core-team member Jeff Cooper. It’s a free download for iPhone and iPad. Jeff said that the app was “a great reason to test out all the new functionality I had been adding to AKSequencer and AKSampler”. In addition to this app, Jeff has been a massive and important contributor to AudioKit over the years.

“This app really pushes the AudioKit Sequencer to its absolute limit. We were able to get clip-queuing – where new patterns come in on time. We were also able to do note-repeat, where you hold a note and it repeats at different intervals. The intervals change as you move the controls (via the accelerometer or the touchpad). And, the app heavily uses my programmatic generation of sampler files.” — Jeff Cooper, Developer/AudioKit Core-Team


Visit the Remidi website for more information:

Download the app FREE in the app store:

Keep up the great work, Jeff!

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