Project Ideas

Project Ideas

A lot of times people see AudioKit and get really excited about all the possibilities it opens up for them, but then they’re not quite sure what app to build first. Some students have to use AudioKit for a class and need ideas for a final project. Look no further, here are some great ideas for projects that need audio or AudioKit projects that need updating. The great thing is that most of these do not require a lot of extra non-audio work since graphics are already provided.

Idea #1 – Update Tim Van Elsloo’s Guitar Tuner app

Poor Tim created this tuner using AudioKit 2 on the eve of AudioKit 3’s launch! He wrote an awesome blog post about it and has created an excellent design. The work here is just to update his AudioKit 2 analysis code with AudioKit 3.

  • Difficulty: Easy
  • Time Commitment: A day or two depending on how new you are to AudioKit or iOS development

Idea #2 – Add audio to Apple’s DemoBots

DemoBots is a fully-featured 2D game built with SpriteKit and GameplayKit, and written in Swift. It demonstrates how to use agents, goals, and behaviors to drive the movement of characters in your game, and how to use rule systems and state machines to provide those characters with intelligent behavior.
BUT IT IS COMPLETELY SILENT! Add AudioKit to this project and make some great sounds.

  • Difficulty: Moderate
  • Time Commitment: It’ll be quick to get started, but you’ll take some time for sound design

Idea #3 – Improve Simon Gladman’s “Nodality”

Nodality is a box-line drawing signal processing app much like MaxMSP or Pd, or even Matlab. Simon has done most of the heavy lifting with scalable graphics and flexible cables, but he has only implemented a fraction of what could make this app great.

  • Difficulty: Challenging
  • Time Commitment: As much as you’re able, a lot to be done

Things you could add:

  • More AudioKit effects and generators
  • Better sliders or knobs with minimum and maximum values
  • TouchPad control over parameters
  • On screen MIDI keyboard
  • Connection to physical MIDI keyboard via Bluetooth
  • Allowing access to the iTunes library for using a song as input signal
  • Audiobus / Interapp Audio integration

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