Outta Bass – New Modular Bass Synth, Built with AudioKit

Developer Fraser Stuart has released Outta Bass. It’s a robust and deep modular bass system for iPad.

The first thing you’ll notice is that this app sounds phenomenal.

As a bass player, I’m pretty skeptical of most bass VSTs and apps. However, with Outta Bass I was able to dial in usable sounds almost immediately.

With the the modular 3-oscillator design and filters, there’s some serious power in this app for those that want to sculpt sounds.

Built with AudioKit, Outta Bass is outta this world.

Outta Bass Features:

  • “Robo Bass” Sequencer
  • Over 300+ musical scales/keys
  • InterApp Audio (IAA), Audiobus, Virtual Midi
  • Excellent sounding cloud-based preset library
  • Modular interface – drag and drop modules for your workflow
  • 3 Oscillator voices with configurable polyphony
  • Velocity sensitive and aftertouch enabled Keyboard
  • Soft-clipping, Distortion, Modulated Delay, EQ, and more!

Great work, Fraser!

Learn more about Outta Bass:

Download Outta Bass:

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