What’s the Future of Mobile vs Desktop? Watch this.

This year’s Audio Developer Conference in London featured an all-star panel on the future of Mobile & Desktop music apps. The panel was chaired by AudioKit’s own Matthew Fecher and features:

Gaz Williams is a Music Technologist and Journalist at Sonic State
Henny tha Bizness is a multi-platinum & 5x Grammy Producer, YouTuber, and Professor
Matt Derbyshire was the Head of Product & Marketing at Ampify, Focusrite, and Novation
Henrik Lenberg is the founder of Auxy

Plus, the panel included special guest Cameos from Roger Linn, Jordan Rudess, BoBeats, Francis Preve, MSimp, Nick Batts, and Aure Prochazka.

Special thanks to Apple, Roli, JUCE and the the fine people who put on this event in London.

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