Game Boy Sound Emulator, Built with AudioKit & Swift. Code Included!

Ostrich is a macOS Game Boy Sound System file playback app by Ryan Conway. It presents a retro-inspired interface and visualizations of the Game Boy’s pulse audio channels. Under the covers, it is a Nintendo Game Boy emulator written in Swift and AudioKit.

Consider our minds… blown! Amazing work Ryan!

“I remember being in the initial planning phase of Ostrich, auditing the options for audio synthesis. I’d been dreading this because I’d never done audio programming and had heard it’s challenging. Within minutes of getting AudioKit pulled into my project I had my first sine wave playing, and I thought “wait a minute, that’s it?”
– Ryan Conway, Developer

This amazing app is a product of his passions for system design and retro game music. And, he’s happy to share it with fellow enthusiasts. Popular Game Boy titles that work with his code include Tetris, Castlevania, Double Dragon, and Batman.

“Needless to say, I stuck with AudioKit”, said Ryan. “Its high level of abstraction and quality documentation let me focus on the app logic rather than the audio synth implementation details. And, I’m thankful for that.”


Ryan’s Work:

You can read his fascinating blog post about making this app:

Get the code from Github:

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