Cem Olcay Releases New App & Open-source code made with AudioKit v5!

Developer Cem Olcay has done it again! His latest app is a bass synth and sequencer, creatively named Euclid Goes to Party. The app pairs an Euclidean sequencer with a PWM oscillator. The result? You can create techno bass lines, instantly by pressing the play button.

Plus, it’s built with new AudioKit version 5 code. And, he’s graciously released open-source code for you to learn from and use in your own apps:

Cem gives back to the developer community. You may be surprised to learn he gives a lot of his source code away for free. He has generously posted other great code examples on Github.

Visit Cem’s website to get the full scoop.
You can download Euclid Goes to Party now on the App Store:

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