Drum Pad Playground

Make on Your iPad: Open-source Drum Pad

Aure Prochazka, PhD walks you through creating this app

If you’re new to making AudioKit apps on your iPad,
please watch the getting started video on the bottom of this page first

DRUM PADS PLAYGROUND is an open-source iPad app. The entire source code used to make the app is included.

Now musicians, students, and kids can explore audio and music coding on their iPads, no computer required!

Whether you want to learn to make music apps or know someone who might be, you can follow along with this video tutorial series to learn more. The code will also run in Xcode if you have a Mac.

AudioKit Drum Pad PlayGround


Made on an iPad, for your iPad!

Interested in learning how to make music apps? Or maybe you’re a producer who’d like to create an app with your own drum sounds. Use this to learn. Create your own app.

Impress yourself with what you can make!


  • All source code included
  • Video tutorial to teach you how to make the app
  • Can follow tutorial on iPad or Mac
  • You’re free to make your own app with the code

Watch video below to get started with AudioKit Playgrounds

In the above video Aure Prochazka, PhD, shows you how to get up and running with AudioKit on your iPad.

First, you’ll need to download Swift Playgrounds, a free download in the app store.


Made on an iPad!