Carol Play MIDI & Chord Map MIDI, Built with AudioKit

Developer and educator Steve Mugglin has made several inventive music apps. You may be delighted to know that he’s made two apps with AudioKit.

The first app is a free app called CarolPlayMidi. Released before Christmas, the original version allows you to easily perform the music to Christmas carols. Well, Christmas is over. But, it keeps giving.

Since Christmas, it has expanded to include classic hymns as well. There are now 30 carols and 48 hymns in the app. Users can perform the carols and hymns in full four-part harmony, controlling tempo, sustain, volume, and articulation, all in real time–using only two fingers. It’s a lot of fun!

Download CarolPlayMIDI:

Chord Map MIDI

The second app is ChordMapMidi. It was originally released back in 2012, but was just completely redesigned. When rebuilding it, Steve used AudioKit. It’s fresh and new in the app store!
A big Thank You to all on the AudioKit team. As a result of your vision and commitment, the iOS music world is miles ahead. You’ve opened a door for all of us. – Steve Mugglin

ChordMapMidi allows songwriters, iOS musicians, music educators, and music students to explore power chord progressions and three-note chord progressions (in both major and minor keys). ChordMapMidi is based on the chord flow diagrams presented at Steve’s

Learn more about Steve’s work here:

Download ChordMapMIDI:

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