New AUv3 Open-Source Code Template Released


We’re very excited about this project.

This free code is one of the first major examples of a robust AUv3 app, built completely with Apple’s popular programming language, Swift. This means that a plug-in can now be built easier with native tools, instead of using 3rd-party technology and languages.

AUv3 allows people to create plug-ins for iOS hosts & DAW, similar to the way VSTs work on desktops. It allows you to create an app that will work inside another app. For example, this code fits into GarageBand nicely:

It’s cool, right? But, AUv3 plug-ins have traditionally been VERY difficult to code. It required a lot of guess work.

We worked directly with educators at Morehouse College to bring this to life. We’ve created a full app template. It’s something that developers or students can use as a starting point.

Over the past year, we’ve been working with major iOS developers, including creators of apps like AUM, Cubasis 3, and GarageBand to fine tune this code. We’re hoping this can be a touchstone example and great resource that all developers can learn from.

Don’t get us wrong, app development can be difficult. And, AUv3 development is like playing on “Hard” mode. But, hopefully this will make it easier.

Going beyond a basic example, we added even more features, including a robust preset system. And the ability to use the app as both a stand-alone app or AUv3 plugin. You can take this code template and customize it. Or, you can use it as the starting point to make a more complex plug-in.

Like anything this challenging, the code is still a work-in-progress. And, may have some bugs. It’s already being used by many of your favorite developers. And, for those feeling extra motivated, feel free to jump in and help contribute and make it better.

The code is now available:

Hack away!

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