Audiobridge: Collaborative Music Recording, Built with AudioKit


Do you want to record ideas and collaborate without the hassle?

Built with AudioKit, Audiobridge is a new quick-and-easy multitrack tool.

It’s a collaborative DAW on your iPhone.

The app allows for easy multi-track recording and collaboration. As one user records a track, it instantly shows up on their collaborators’ devices.

Plus, you can import existing audio files from other sources.

There are even distinct chat rooms per session for easy communication.

Audiobridge allows you to edit audio components directly from your phone as well, and control volume, fade, trim, and more.

This allows you to to make complete song sketches in the app.

AudioKit in Action

Audiobridge CEO, Matt Miller, revealed how they use AudioKit.

“The app uses AudioKit for recording the microphone input (using the AKNodeRecorder). We are also using AudioKit for Audio Visualization, and to play back multiple audio files simultaneously”.

Matt went on to talk about new features they are planning, using AudioKit:

“Currently, we are adding support for external audio unit effects during recording as well as planning to add various AudioKit filters and effects for playback”.

“AudioKit is an integral component of audiobridge.” — Matt Miller

Congratulations to Matt Miller and his team on creating Audiobridge. It’s excellent!

Audiobridge is available as a free download in the App Store:

Learn more at the Audiobridge website.

Available for free for iPhone and iPad, Audiobridge provides on-demand mobile music collaboration.

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