Middle Eastern Sample Player: Built with AudioKit! Plus, microtonal source code.


Musician Aram Hovagimian (from taqs.im) built a new app with the free AudioKit ROM Player code: TAQS.IM Synth. It features middle eastern sounds and rhythms for Arabic, Armenian, Balkan, Greek, Persian, and Turkish Music.

The AudioKit ROM Player code allows sample makers to easily create iOS apps from their sample libraries using SFZ or EXS instruments. You can learn more about the template, here.

Doug from The Sound Test Room put the app through it’s paces. You can hear it in action below!

Additionally, the app adds code for alternative scales. Thanks to Wilsonic creator, Marcus Hobbs.

Want to add microtonality or alternative scales to your app? Here’s a code example of how to use AKTuningTable to create custom scales that can map to the 12ET keyboard.

Great job, Aram. (And, Marcus!)

TAQS.IM is now available in the app store:

Learn more about taqs.im at:

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For an eastern dedicated app, it lack the most important, no possibilities of expression, no user scale, no glide, no y axis expression and the worst, no pitchbend setting for rnp0 so impossible to use an external controller such geoshred witch will have save this app. How that is possible?

Daniel, we are working on implementing user scale and addressing all of those issues. Thank you!

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